Full Disclosure (Your mileage may vary)

Who are you?

Well, my name is Andrew. I’m 33, a father of two, married almost ten years. I work as jet engine mechanic in Oklahoma.

What Credentials do you have that allow you to tell people how to exercise on the internet?

None. Zip, zero, nada. You probably shouldn’t be reading this.

What I have done is make a concerted effort to educate myself. I call it it training with my head. Everything I post here I learned from someone else with greater experience, knowledge and skill than me. I am standing on the shoulders of greatness the entire way.

All of this is based off of my personal experience with it. If I tell you something works, it’s because it’s worked for me. If I tell you something is crap it’s because I’ve tried it or something like it and it didn’t work for me. Your mileage may vary, but I think you should at least try it.

Then why should we read this?

I think I’m funny. Plus there’s going to be a lot of anti-McConaughey slander thrown about. That’s always good for a chuckle.

How did you get started?

Well I used to be fat and cranky. Now I’m…less fat and still just as cranky. A while back I was getting pretty bad. I was living mostly off of cheeseburgers and caffeine and was about 60 pounds overweight. I felt like crap and it was causing me problems at work. So I finally decided to shut up and actually do something about my weight and health. I joined Weight Watchers, lost 50 pounds and started jogging.

Thing is, I hate jogging. It’s boring and you’ve got to do a ton of it to keep from gaining the weight back. So I got to looking for something I could use as a goal to help me keep going. I settled on Highland games. I’ve always enjoyed attending them and weight training is more entertaining than jogging. It was one of those mid-life, well I always said I was going to do that one day and I’m not getting any younger, moments. My first of those, in fact. I labored for months with hypertrophy based, isolation heavy workouts that I’d been given by friends who hit the gym a lot. We’re talking four exercises, three sets of 10 per muscle group twice a week. My life was devoted to the weight room and I got nothing out of it. I gained not an ounce of muscle, no real strength and I was probably further away from turning a caber than when I started.

And now you drag tires and do Olympic lifts?

There’s a bit more to it than that, but yes. Out of frustration I started asking questions and posting workout routines I devised on the internet. After they quit making fun of me, people pointed me in the direction of two men. Dan John and Mark Rippetoe. I read books from both and immediately fell in love with the simplicity and beauty of real strength training. Pretty much all there is to it is picking up progressively heavier weight, a lot. Both men have a different take on  the subject and each have merit. I started with Rippetoe’s Starting Strength as it seemed the easiest to self coach. The results were pretty amazing. I gained muscle, got stronger and felt better. It was exactly what I needed. There were set backs and minor injuries alone the way, but every time I came back to it I had never lost much ground.

I am now using Dan John’s methods, or at least things I have learned from reading his book, to train. John is a discus champion as well as a highland athlete, he’s a celebrated coach of lifters, track and field athletes and many more. His programs are the best fit you can find for someone with a strange, but burning, desire to pick up heavy shit and throw it far.

Uhh, blogging?

Oh, yes. I had a workout blog before, but I was mostly just using it as a workout journal and posting long strings of numbers. Not particularly creative or entertaining. I used to write as a hobby in high school and I’m not certain when or why I stopped. The truth is I miss writing but I’m short on inspiration these days. It’s easy to get my writing fix blogging about bucking fitness trends or kludging together home-made equipment. Plus I think my co-workers would rather I get it out of my system here than listen to me ramble on about it for ten hours a day.

Are you really as crazy and/or cranky as you seem?

No. It’s part of the theme of the site. Think of this as a based on real life story with just one character. Just like any writer I would like readers to appreciate my work, this is better than dead panning the whole thing.

I thought you said people who write FAQ pages in question and answer format were lazy.

No. I said it’s easy to write in this format. I was right.



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