Slap bet…

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Posts

Slap bet:

From here on out, I solemnly promise to slap myself in all cases of Training ADD. I’ve learned this lesson over the last month on the large scale, when I abandoned a program after just two weeks and in the small scale when I ignored a workout as written, warmed up with too much weight and too many reps and ended up with a pretty lousy work set.

I get back on my program and great things happen. 330 pound deadlifts pop off the floor and two pounds are lost in the span of a week. What is my program?

1. Do 5,3,1*

2. Push sled**

3. Eat almost nothing but Meat, Veggies and Eggs.


This is going on for six more weeks. That will finish two cycles of 5,3,1. After that, things get a little more complex.

1. Do the 40 day workout.*

2. Push sled**

3. Throw things

4. Eat larger amounts of nothing but Meat, Veggies and Eggs.


I will read this article anytime I feel like changing a program, making my own, or trying any other wrenching change in programming.  I’m posting it on the wall of my gym and carrying a copy in my gym bag.

Before I can over think it, I’m posting my 40 day program:

1. Snatch grip deadlifts / rack pulls – ten singles.

2. Push press / push jerks – 2 x 5 or 5 x 2

3. Power curls – 2 x 5 or 5 x 2

4. Kettlebell snatch – 2 x 5 each arm

5. Planks


*Doing 5,3,1 and the 40 day workout involve warming up with the agile 8, goblet squats, one armed long cycle clean and jerks, doing the program EXACTLY as written and then cooling off with wrist roller, neck work, possibly some batwings and stretching.

**Pushing the sled involves, warming up with the agile eight, goblet squats and one arm long cycle clean and jerks then pushing the sled in whatever manner feels good for the day. Some running or accessory work may be in order. I’m pushing the sled 4 to 5 days a week, typically on upper body days, two of my rest days and sometimes on squat day.


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