Redneckin it…

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Posts

I’ve redesigned the Redneck Suspension Trainer, The new version uses one ratchet strap and is much easier to adjust. You’ll need a 16 foot strap and a shorter sacrifice strap to use fot the loops that hold the handles. You find the middle of the strap, tying a knot there is optional, but it makes the rest of the process easier.

Single point adjustment.

Cut the hook off the strap, tie a simple loop in each end and tie your handles on.

All the quality you'd expect from my recless disregard for safety.

I used 3/4 in PVC for the handles and wrapped it in athletic tape. It takes a two foot loop to get the right size handle. The only real trick is to make sure both the excess strap and the handles are run through the back of the ratchet.

Note where the handle is. Both ends of the strap need to hang below and to the back of it, as shown.

I made five of these, four to take to work and the one shown for my mother. I hung from the handles of all of them and they easily held my 215 pounds.

Now that I’ve had the chance to play around with a prowler sled I’m hooked. I don’t know if it’s the quicker turn around time, the upper body engagement or just the higher mass of the sled but there’s something about it that gets my hear rate up fast and keeps it up for a while. Biggest issue with them is that the cheap ones run about $150, plus shipping.

Yeah, not going to happen. All credit to the folks who came up with the idea, but here’s my version:

Who needs craftsmanship, quality matierials or good looks? Just overbuild the shit outta it.

Low handle, I hate the low handle.

Composite decking. Good stuff.

I’m not going to detail the process of building it. If you can’t figure it out from the pictures you shouldn’t be making it. I used a compound miter saw to make the cuts in the wood and the runners. The runners are made form composite decking, sometimes called Trex. It may be a little pricey, so look for scraps if you can.

There were plenty of other jobs I should have done over memorial day weekend, but these were much more fun and satisfying.


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