Torture devices…

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Posts

Training with thick grips, like my Tyler Grips, hurts. Largely in that good yet still pretty painful way that sets off an alarm in the back of your mind that says “holy hell this is hard!”

I do all of my assistance arm work, close grip bench, tricep push downs, various curls and all of my forearm work with them. Doing leverage twists with them is particularly devilish. I do them with a dumbbell and you have to squeeze the snot out of that grip to hang onto it.

I put the Tyler Grips on a wrist roller on Wednesday. The experience was so “rewarding” that I went to the hardware store and bought a chunk of two inch PVC to make a full time, big ass wrist roller out of. I expect great things and a lot of pain out of it today…


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