Status report…

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Posts

It’s day three of my new diet of meat, eggs, veggies, coffee and two pieces of fruit a day. I feel, betterish?

I’m tired, but this is also week two of my return to five day a week training and serious conditioning workouts. I’m sure a rapid drop in carb and caffeine consumption is contributing, but not the sole cause. I am progressing, slowly, in number of reps as I planned. I benched for three solid sets of 5, 5 and 4 with a single at 205 today. Next week I’ll press it for a true 3 x 5 and then bump to 210. My set of 3 squats at 315 was significantly cleaner on Monday, despite feeling really tired for the duration of the workout. I’ll bump that to three sets of two on Friday. Then try for a set of five and a double, etc. until I can squat it for a 3 x 5. I’ll try to triple or add another set on the 225 front squat. I may swap cleans to the first exercise and go up to 185 on Friday also. I’ve been hitting solid 3 x 5 at 115 on press for the last three workouts, it’s time to bump that to 125.

The curls and tricep work have been progressing well also. I’m up to 3 x 10 at 65 on cheat* curls on the Monday/Friday workouts and hit 10, 10 and 8 on preacher curls with the same weight today.  Close grip bench is up to 85 and cable press downs are moving to 120 next Wednesday.

* I use a slight bit of hip action at the start of the curl. Thing is I just can’t seem to keep my left shoulder from shrugging up as I curl, even with ridiculously light weight. The cheat get’s rid of the shrug. I may switch to a different exercise in the future to avoid it. For whatever reason, it’s an ingrained reflex.

I’m holding a decent plank for over a minute now.

Back to the diet, I definitely feel less bloated now. I’m holding steady at 217 so far but it’s only been three days. I feel somehow lighter, less burdened by the weight of my upper body, even though my legs were pretty dead most of the day from Tuesday’s fairly brutal Kettlebell and box jump extravaganza. It could be simply that the felling of a tight stomach that comes with the mild appetite suppressing effects of caffeine are gone or it could be the detox effect mentioned in the Tnation article. Who the hell knows but it feels kinda good.

Biggest issue is boredom. I bought a large variety of frozen mixed veggies. All I can say is that different variations on broccoli, green beans, cauliflower and carrots doesn’t really make for variety. Although the mushrooms in today’s bag of blah were nice. I think it’s time to get a new salad container, I haven’t made salad for a while because the lid to the old one is awol. Yeah, diet salad dressing isn’t on the list but I feel it adds minimal impact if used sparingly and if it keeps me on track in the larger view of things I’m going to use it.The same goes for my stash of Crystal Light at work.

I’m not going to report of other bodily functions here, but it’s evident to me that I’m absorbing a lot of nutrition from what I eat. You can draw your own conclusions from that statement.

Still haven’t gotten a chest and belly measurement yet. My tape is missing. I’m going to try and find it tonight. The wife got her hair did tonight, maybe if I can talk her into taping me I can segue some muscle flexing into romance…

Yup, feelin’ better already.


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