The impossible…

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Posts

Loosing fat while gaining muscle is supposed to be impossible. It’s considered by many as a biological fact. You can only gain mass or lose mass, some will be fat, some will be muscle. The proportion of each is dependent upon diet, activity and genetics. I intend to test this theory some.

Through no intention of mine I’ve returned to high frequency, high volume (sort of) training. Five days a week of something involving heavy objects, three or four days of something involving a cardiovascular workout on top of the weights. Mondays and Fridays involve my new squat, clean and press workout. Wednesdays see me in the gym at working doing bench press, pull ups and a host of bodybuilding movements in an attempt to get my arms to match the rest of me. Tuesdays and Thursdays see me leading my Kettlebell based strength and conditioning workouts at work.Several times a week I go out and run some kind of interval training as well.

This will continue for at least five more weeks. “Everything works, for about six weeks.” I’ll also be looking for a really fast 1.5 mile run at the end of this.

The impossible part is finding a diet that allows me to progress on those heavy lifting days, replenishes the energy stores I burn on Tuesdays and Thursdays and allows me to hopefully, lose some belly fat if not mass. I’m going with the so called Green Faces Diet.

The rules are simple. If it had a face, or would have had a face, you can eat it.

If it’s a green vegetable, you can eat it.

No dairy, no grain, nothing like this:

Coffee, gloriously plant-based coffe will replace these. Along with gloriously plant-based Truvia. Semantics? Guilty as charged.

Like the World’s Strongest Librarian I’m not worrying too much about the definition of green. I’ll still toss in my daily apple and orange. Bags of frozen stir fry veggies make easy and quick snacks anywhere I can find a microwave, even if they come in rainbow colors. Protein shakes will still be in full effect. Going organic whenever possible? I have a very, very loose definition of whenever possible. It pretty much comes down to whenever I feel like driving an extra mile to spend more money.

As an aside, I really should do that more. As I’ve often argued the more people who buy organic meat and produce, even just on special occasions, the better. The market will grow to support the demand. Right now full time organic just isn’t feasible for a majority of people, but if most people make one organic only meal per week, we’d likely see exponential growth in the industry.

As I’m pushing my limits physically again, portions and snacks will be generous, but not on the level of bulking with Mass Made Simple. Extra snacks will be available when I’m just ravenously hungry after finishing my regular meals. This happens sometimes and I find that while it might not be the best thing for rapid weight loss, for health, morale and peace of mind I feel it’s better to listen to your body. At least as long as you are aware of hunger triggers, didn’t gobble your food and wait a while after eating.

Will I fail by allowing myself coffee, fruit and colorful veggies? Only time will tell. I doubt it. I may get slightly better results by sticking to purely green veggies and no coffee. In the long run, I think the only reason why I’d out and out fail to lose some fat would be if I just plain eat too much. The real test will be if I can maintain or progress in strength and muscle mass. I’ll be measuring again tomorrow night. We’ll see what my chest and waist size is after five weeks of this. We’ll also look at the ratio between the two, as that may indicate a loss of muscle along with fat.

Time to get my grub on…


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