Breaking the rules…

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Posts

I should have given southwood+ a longer go. I should have done the southwood program as written. I should have done a lot of things. But I didn’t. Fuck it. I may wind up slowing my progress in the long run but sometimes you just want to go by what feels right.

Instead I got bored and frustrated and wanted greater intensity, more volume, higher weight and lower reps. So I downed a bunch of caffeine at a time when I shouldn’t be drinking it if I want to get to sleep and went out the the garage to scream, eat chalk and pound on the walls. I just worked out on instinct, and I’ll continue to do what I did today every Monday and Friday until I decide it isn’t working or I get injured or over trained.

I worked back and front squats. Working up to a set of three back squats at 315 then stepping down to front squat my last warm up weight for a double before stripping weight off the bar for two more sets. The idea is to try and build by adding reps to my set of 315 back squats and the first set of front squats at 225, staying at one over the number of clean, quality reps is at. I got three reps at 315 today, if the fourth is fugly on Friday, I’ll try for four the next Monday until I get it right.

Then power cleans for 3 x 5. I like 3 x 5. I started real strength training doing 3 x 5’s. I’ll stay at 175 on power cleans until I can stop catching the weight before it hits the rack position. It’s the only current hitch in my giddy up there.

3 x 5 again for mil press. 115 for the working sets. These are going up next week.

Then barbell curls, close grip bench, batwings, kneck work and planks. I might toss in some good mornings.

I’m going to curtail the volume of my kettlebell workouts some, and add in a bench and pull up workout on Wednesdays. I’ll do some more dedicate arm work then. Maybe do those good mornings or some SLDLs. Why? Because I fucking want to.

More sleep and more protein is in order.

No idea why I’m in such a pissed off mood. But I’m rolling with the fire in my belly right now. More wieght, more frequency, more food!

Maybe sometimes more is more.

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