You think you can…but you really can’t.

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Posts

You just can’t do two things at once. Like texting and driving, dating two women or having a social life and well adjusted children, you think you can. But you really can’t.

Folks, there may be the rare person who can lose fifteen inches of their gut and add three to their biceps. Especially under the early period of Rippetoe’s oft touted Novice Effect. There are rare people who can sing and dance at the same time. Just like there are a lot of folks selling albums that get caught lip syncing concerts, there are plenty of people trying to sell you a program to take you from flabby to ambercrombie and fitch in just six short weeks that fails completely.

Mass Made Simple doesn’t do that, and it works because it doesn’t. You lift, you eat, you recover. You grow.

Here’s the rundown;

My shoulders are broader, my arms and thighs are bigger, my chest is deeper. After just two weeks.

How much more?

I dunno, I got busy and dumb and I forgot to take pre-program measurements*. But the difference is, though not huge, noticeable.

So is a difference in my love handles. People have mentioned that it seems a little odd for a soon to be 34 year old to diet for eight weeks and then start eating in the range of 4000 calories a day. It may be. However, I’m adding weight to the bar, I look bigger, I weigh more. The program is doing what it’s intended to do.

I am gaining mass, and fairly quickly.

The back squat, which has long been my second worst lift, is grooving nicely.

You can’t gain mass quickly and not gain some fat. You think you can, it might happen by happy accident rarely, but by design you can’t do it.

Eat well. Lift Hard. Recover Fully. Grow Fast.

* I’ll take measurements tonight and compare them at the end of the program. My estimate would in the range of an inch to the chest,  and thighs and a half inch to the upper arm and across the shoulders.


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