Revisiting an old idea.

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Posts

I get a lot of ideas. There are a lot of things I’d like to try but never get around to.

Here’s one I’m revisiting; Sprinting vs. Running

I still feel I’m on to  something that, at least in my case, will work. I’ve a felling that distance running is a very binary activity, you’re either cut out for it, or you’re not. I still feel that jogging is less helpful than simply walking for an hour. After this bulk is over, it’s time to put up or shut up. But I’m not going to strictly test just sprinting. It’s mostly because I’m coming to my summer training for Highland Games and all the strength and mass I’m gaining now will be needed as I hone my technique. Also because of a few other ideas, mainly one to get fellow Airmen in shape with a program stolen from someone else, have bubbled up into my mind since I wrote Sprinting vs. Running.

I like the idea for maintaining strength while cutting lined out in this TNation article. I have no clue if it works as advertised, my gut tells me it might, but it also may injure me in the process. I’ll be using that, and a lot of kettlebell work  because it work well in my last cut. Complexes and circuit training will come into play as well.

And I’m buying a pair of Nike Frees to sprint in.

Yup. I’ll be sprinting shod. I’ve tried sprinting barefoot plenty. I never come away from it without the feeling that something bad has happened to my feet. I support and still practice running barefoot but only the exceptionally strong barefoot runners should sprint that way.

The program will be two days of heavy ass lifting per week. Two days of circuits, KB’s, etc. per week. And two days of a half mile warm up followed by as many sprints as I can crank out.

One day left to wish I hadn’t done all that.

Again, the effectiveness will be measured by how fast I can run a mile and a half. If I can drop below the 11 minute mark, jogging is out for me forever. If I can’t then it’s time to suck it up and put in some two milers every now and then.

Starting this in about four weeks. Details to come later.

  1. bcorefit says:

    Interval training is the way to go. I totally agree thats the way you should go.
    visit my post about it.

    • andrew77 says:

      Solid info there, thanks.

      I’ve always felt I made the most progress with cardiovascular endurance and fat loss doing high intensity intervals. I’ve never tested it’s crossover to middle distance running before. Three weeks left on this bulk, then the test begins.

  2. […] more weeks. “Everything works, for about six weeks.” I’ll also be looking for a really fast 1.5 mile run at the end of […]

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