Posted: February 21, 2011 in Posts

I’ve been very lax about writing here and that bothers me. It’s a little chink in my armor of routine that may or may not lead to a failure.

Take this weekend for example. My recent return to sprinting left me with some seriously sore calves and ankles. Saturday’s workout, which was supposed to be a long ruck march*, turned into moving new couches into the house and an extra long walk with the kids. True ,I carried my five year old on my shoulders for a half mile or so, but there was no sustained, intense effort on my part. I’m sure it’s psychosomatic but I feel like crap when something like that happens. So I wound up doing kettlebell work on Sunday just to “blow the cobwebs out”.

*I use a 50 pound pack and hump it for a mile or two, not long by Army standards but if you’ve never humped a ruck before I suggest you try it and see what you call long.

Just on a whim I went out to the garage, hit 40 reps each of  goblet squats, presses, snatches, cleans, and swings. I tossed in some pull ups, dips and ab wheel roll outs for good measure.  It felt good, and I guess that’s a turning point in the road to health. You feel better, more relaxed, more energy, etc. after putting in 200 reps with kettlebells than before.

It’s a good sign I suppose. One of my greatest worries is lapsing back into old habits. Especially now that I’ve returned to online video gaming as a way to provide small, cost effective rewards for meeting small goals. I’m not going to say which game(s) in particular, if you know me, you’ll figure it out. It’s something I enjoy, but that I’ve let rule far too much of my life in the past. It could be that little reward that helps me maintain discipline or it could be about as wise as putting a recovering alcoholic to work in a liquor store. I do think learning to balance my efforts between workouts, household duties and (ahem!) “rewards” could help me become a more grounded person overall.

One sign of progress for sure is that Sunday workout, nothing scheduled on Sunday that I was skipping out on, I just felt like getting up and moving.

That in itself is a beautiful thing.


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