Tabata revisited.

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Posts

If you’re not familiar with the Tabata Protocol you can google it. I’ve used Tabata’s on several occasions with various levels of effectiveness. I haven’t really used it with enough regularity to comment on any of the claims usually associated with it. However, I can tell you that doing a couple sessions of the Tabata Protocol with 65 pounds in the front squat is a significant physical event for me. Try it some time. If anyone has issues with timing Tabata’s, let me know and I’ll find a site to host a download for a small video I made that times the intervals pretty well.

I’ve rethought the idea bit on my own. Left without a suitable place to run or jump rope due to record Oklahoma snows I’ve been looking for something with more of a cardiovascular load then rowing (I can’t really row all out without my rower scooting across the floor, which is dangerous in a garage full of hard, sharp and heavy things) and longer duration than Tabata’s. It’s not that I doubt the Tabata Protocol will get you into condition, but my job depends on being able to achieve a set level of aerobic exertion for around 10 -15 minutes, basically I have to run/jog.

Running is an extremely perishable skill for me. I skip a few weeks and my mile and a half time drops from 12ish to 13ish. A month or two and I break 14 minutes. I can hang around at that level with just weights and my daily level of activity and no running at all. I slow down on something else and and I’m back in the ten minute mile range. I plan to experiment with just sprinting, doing 10 to 12 1/8 mile sprints with intervals of walking in between, but that’ll have to wait until I start 5/3/1 after MMS. My goal is to maintain at least 12 minutes flat for the mile and a half.

Back to Tabata’s and rowing, it’s something to do, but I’m not feeling like it’s doing a whole lot to maintain my run. I need something about 8 to 10 minutes in duration, that doesn’t overload my ability to recover with too much volume and is less ridiculous than doing my wife’s aerobics DVD’s. For lack of a better name, I’m calling it the Goblet Squat Drill. I stumbled on it trying to finish a workout in a hurry. I was set to do 5 x 5 goblet squats, adding weight each set. I rushed through it, resting just long enough to swap plates on my adjustable dumbbells. By the end of it, my ass was kicked. Took me longer to finish the workout than if if I’d just taken a full minute or two of rest between sets.

Here’s the drill, I’ll use it thursday in place of Tabata’s or complexes.

Do sets of five goblet squats. Start at very low weight, I’ll use 20 pounds. Rest thirty seconds at the most, either while changing plates or just resting. If you have fixed dumbbells you could set half the weights on opposite sides of the room and rest by walking over to them. Add five pounds every set. Try to get to ten sets.

You can play with the weights to make it more interesting. Start heavy, remove five pounds for sets 2 – 5, add five pounds for sets 6 – 10 until you get back to the start. If you have fixed weight DB’s, you could alternate, lightest weight, heaviest weight, second lightest, second heaviest, etc, etc. The point is to move from set to set with little rest.

This is something I think I’d recommend as a “Desk Warrior” type of workout for someone who’s not interested in serious weight training but wants some mobility and strength just to feel better.

I’ll post the aftermath Thursday evening.



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