I’ll almost be sad when it goes…

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Posts

So most of my usual conditioning workouts have fallen by the wayside due to the snow. It’s been a record week for snow in Oklahoma and the forecast calls for more. Let’s face it, a tire doesn’t pull through 14 inches of snow. Pulling it on the ice in the street sort of defeats the purpose. Either the pull is far too light due to the lack of friction, or far too heavy to pull due to the lack of traction. Running and sprinting are doable, but no where near as effective as they are in fair weather do to slowing down to avoid falling or worrying about things buried in the snow.

Shoveling snow has become a good substitute for my normal conditioning workouts. The only side effect has been that I’ve had to lighten up on my deadlifts and squats to accommodate a very tired posterior chain. Shoveling for distance and time, two shovels wide for the length of the driveway in five minutes or less, is a significant cardiovascular event.  Besides and tired back and hammies, the other side effect is that I’m damn near impervious to cold. I was shoveling a light snowfall off our incline drive in a T-shirt and sweats last night. I was outside in 20 degree weather for nearly a half hour and never felt more than cool. As a friend pointed out, if you’re cutting fat, maintaining your body temperature like that means extra calories burned.

Having dug out my house, my aunt and grandmother and my mom, it’s time to switch activities a bit. The streets are still a little unfriendly for running or a ruck march but charging through forty yards of snow might be in order. Rowing is an option, as are barbell complexes, kettle bell work and some Tabata intervals.

The kids and I took a mile and a half walk today, there’s a lot of housework to be done also. So I at least have my minimum level of activity covered for the day, despite being snowbound for another two days.

I’m thinking today’s conditioning workout is going look something like this:

Warm up

10 minutes of rowing

Dan Jonh’s MMS complex, 3 sets of 10.

Kettle bell swings and cleans, 40 each very light weight.

One session of Tabata front squats with 65 pounds

Cool down by running in circles in the back yard for five minutes while trying not to hurt myself.

Tomorrow I’m going to either shovel a spot on the back porch, or rearrange the garage, until I have enough space to practice with my jump rope.


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