Yes…it’s been a while.

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Posts

I haven’t posted in a long time, and through a great insight today I realized that I have been doing pretty much the same two programs for nearly a year now.

The 3+1 diet…well, I had to wrap it up a bit early. I was getting ill and the combination of illness, stress from a short notice business trip, and the diet had driven me into my sick bed. After two days of regular food I was completely back to normal. I lost nearly seven pounds and a half inch off my waste measurement. So it was a success. If I do return to 3+1, it’ll be for a shorter duration, one or two weeks. I’ll use it to jump start a longer, more sustainable diet plan.

I’ve learned something about lifting, dieting and stress. They don’t mix well. I went to visit a detachment of our wing, a small group of our guys working in another city, who man an Air Sovereignty Alert station. You know in the movies when they scramble fighter jets to intercept an unknown aircraft? These guys do that. It’s an honor to be involved with a mission that important, even if it’s just going down and trying to help them improve before an inspection. ASA guys get a lot of attention from inspectors. It’s an important job so they want to make sure it’s done right. There are a LOT of details to get wrong. My input made a lot of work for people who are already under a great deal of stress. This, in turn, put me under a great deal of mental stress. It wasn’t that anyone was hostile, or thought I was there just to jack with them but when I’d ask a question the tension in the room would noticeably rise.

The trip was only a week. I managed to hit the gym for the first three days. Then I just about fell flat on my face. It’s just a bad environment to try and keep pushing yourself in.

After recovering from the trip, being sickish, and everything else I stumbled upon something really outstanding.  This will eventually be tweaked (or not) into my everyday, maintaining what I’ve gained on other programs, program.

Four days lifting and two days of conditioning it goes like this:

Monday: Power cleans (7,5,3,2) Back squats (3 x 10) and One arm press (3 x 5)

Tuesday: one mile run, sprints, sled work

Wednesday: One arm bench, alternating back and front squats (one set of 5 back squats, one set of 3 front squats, repeat), hang snatch 3 x 5

Thursday: mile run, sprints, farmers walks

Friday: Same as monday

Saturday: Goof off in the gym day. Bench, light DLs and lots of grip and corrective work.

Sunday: off

I’ve been hitting this since recovering from the trip and I feel pretty good. It has everything I need for Highland games except actual throwing practice. I’ll find a way to work that in later.

Walking. After reading this article, I’ve started walking at lunch on workdays and on the week ends. It’s 30 minutes less sitting during the week and a few hours over the course of a week end. I’m going to pick up Disc golf again also. Less sitting. It’s probably part of my continued weight loss and it’ll be something I keep up even on a bulk.I’ve been walking the one eared dog quite a bit. This is not a metaphor, the dog literally only has one ear. We both are enjoying this.

Speaking of Bulking. I received my copy of Mass Made Simple by Dan John. I’ve never been more excited to try a program. I don’t know if it’s just the simplicity of Coach John’s program, or the idea of building a killer squat (you will have a killer squat once you finish this program) that has me so excited but It’s given me a huge boost in motivation to continue to drop fat and get lean so I can bulk up the right way. My goal is to switch to MMS in march.

To help finish dropping the weight (still looking at dropping about 15 pounds) I’ll be switching from the program I outlined above to one with a little more tempo and some “metabolic finishers” at the end of the workout. I’m certain I saw the term used somewhere, and remembered it just incase I needed another way of saying “do some conditioning work at the end of your workout.” I’m going to reboot my squat some too.

Currently my warm up includes the following, Halos, the Townshend (grab a dumbbell, swing your arm around like Pete on guitar, go the other direction, then switch arms. use a light weight), Goblet squats, windmills, 21’s (high rep partial bicep curls) and five minutes of rowing. I’m going to change that warm up to:

Five minutes of rowing and some involved stretching.

Then I’ll hit a squat (doing sets of three pull ups between the sets of squats), a pressing movement (usually one armed) and a pull, power clean, snatch or dead lift. I’m keeping the squats light and the presses and pulls heavy. I’ll finish with KB swings, Tabata’s or intense rowing intervals. I’ll go three days a week lifting and three days conditioning, keeping Tues and Thurs the same as in the earlier program and switching Saturday to sprints and a very long ruck march.

I’m also working on cutting out late night snacks. After dinner is when I tend to commit the worst of my dietary sins. Not having junk in the house is a huge help but I still tend to over indulge in the healthier snacks we have around the house. Healthier options, awareness of the problem and going to bed earlier will all help on this front.

I think the thing I’m looking forward to the most is heading to the bark with a ruck sack, a one eared dog and some discs. Bring on spring.


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