28 days later…

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Eats!

Starting January second, I’ll be putting myself on a very restrictive diet for 28 days. It’s my version of what Dan John calls the 3+1 diet, which I have a feeling is based on his experience with the velocity diet. 3+1 is basically three protein shakes a day followed by a reasonable dinner. Three shakes and one meal. I’m doing more like 3+1.5. Three 12 ounce shakes, one large green salad for lunch with home made oil and vinegar dressing and that reasonable dinner.

I need to loose weight for work. The Air Force requires me to have an abdominal circumference of 39 inches or less. I’m currently at 42 inches. I’m 215 pounds and my bodyfat is high enough that you can’t tell much difference between my current physique and what I looked like over a year ago. Despite an additional 25 pounds of mass.

Left, October 2009. Right, December 2010

Frankly, my will power with food is low, which is why I’ve decided to take this course of action. Crash dieting for a month may not be the healthiest way of loosing weight, but it should be effective. 28 days is 28 days. having a set in stone start and end date makes it easier for me to stick to.

As DJ has said, fat loss should be war.

I went to the store today and bought a 4 pound tub of Optimum Nutrition’s Pro Complex. Mostly because it’s decent and not too expensive. I really like AMP’s Wheybolic Extreme but it’s $60 for half the servings that ON gives me. Nutritionally, I don’t think there’s much difference, but if Taste is what you’re after, go with the AMP.


I’ll mix it with %1 hormone free partially grass fed milk and add a fiber supplement to it. I’ll also be using an appetite suppressant and chewing all the sugarless gum I can get my hands on.

Fat loss is war, and only the properly prepared will survive.

I hope to loose 15 pounds and three to four inches off my gut. I doubt I’ll make that in 28 days, but I’m betting this will be a huge jump start.


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