Bringing them both up.

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Posts

Training with a friend can be a huge help, especially if it’s someone who has a completely different training style. My best friend has driven up from Houston for the holidays and throughout the course of a week of workouts I’ve developed a new plan of attack on both my standing press and pull ups. Largely thanks to some observation and insightful advice.

First, as an assistance exercise for pull ups, I’ll be doing a lot of dumbbell bench rows with the bell held back closer to my thigh. This engages the Lats a great deal more.

Assisting with both exercises is the batwing, which is a prime exercise for the traps, rhomboids and anything involving scapular retraction and shoulder stability.

To help with the standing press are both shrugs and overhead shrugs. Overhead shrugs in particular seem to activate most of the musculature around the shoulder blades.

I’ll be throwing in some assisted pull-ups, Australian pull ups, or lat pull downs for full ROM movements and a few sets of one arm press to balance out my pulling and squatting days.

I’m going to shorten my long DJ inspired warm up and move the assistance work to the end of the work out, keeping the same pattern I’ve been working with. It took a week to get dialed in, but now I think I’m on to something.

Monday (Pull Day)- Power Clean, Deadlift, Hang Snatch

Tuesday – Conditioning with lots of sled work.

Wednesday (Press day) – Standing Press, Resisted Push Up, One Hand Press.

Thursday – Conditioning with lots of Farmer’s walks

Friday (Squat Day) – Front Squats, Back Squats, Split Squats

Saturday (Mixed) – Right now I’ll be doing the PK workout, Resisted Push Ups and Deadlift to Front Squat complex with single arm KB pressing tossed in. I could change it up later. Mixed day is more about reps than weight.

Sunday – Off

My warm up is going to five minutes of Jump rope or Rowing then Indian Clubs, Goblet Squats, Windmills, KS get ups and KB swings.

Assistance work will be performed with every weight workout as listed above, with the addition of Ab and grip work. Ab work is going to get thrown into every conditioning workout as well as Body rows, Y and T raises for more trap and lat work.

Here’s to the big push!


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