An Honest Dog.

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Posts

An honest dog is a sled dog that never stops pulling until the race is done.

It’s a question to ask yourself after every workout. Was I an Honest dog last night? Well, yeah, considering that one of my abductors decided to call it quits on that last set of squats. Kind of tough to finish the set on one leg. (It’s fine this morning)

I’m posting this now because I need to. I’m finishing off my first full week of a tough program that started with a strained neck. I have a friend in Tennessee who’s about to, or has already passed away. I’m tired, sore, upset and I want nothing more to stay glued to Facebook and drain a bottle of wine tonight.


I don’t skip workouts.

It’s not a macho thing. I save that for weekends spent prancing around in my kilt. It’s simply that there will be no better relief from the soreness than getting my body good and warm. However depressed I am about Paul, it serves neither him nor me any good to skip the workout. I can’t travel to be with him and I hope I’ve let him know how much I enjoyed our friendship and that I wish him the best in whatever adventure comes next.

I can’t exactly explain it, but I’m getting up and going out there for both of us. Because I want to be an honest dog and this is what an honest dog would do. Because all I can do for him as a friend is to carry his spirit forward with me until the end of my own race.

This one’s for you Paul. I’ll see you on the other side.


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