Chest to bar.

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Posts

I’m lucky, I suppose.

I can’t remember the last time I asked myself what I should do next and didn’t come up with an answer. I guess I’m just not one of those people who grapples with the obvious solutions to problems. I don’t answer my own questions with other questions. When others present me with an obvious, even if oversimplified, answer I take it as Carte blanche  to proceed to the best of my personal knowledge and abilities. That doesn’t mean I never seek the advice of others but it does mean I don’t over complicate things with endless what ifs.

Where do I start?

At the beginning.

So, it’s official. My pull ups, my upper back and shoulders in general, are kind of lousy. In particular I cannot pull my chest to the bar from a dead hang. Now, outside of the weight room this is only an issue for people who have a tendency to wind up hanging from the edges of cliffs or high rise buildings. Inside the weight room, it could play a major role in keeping my shoulders stable for a big bench and a bigger deadlift.

So here’s the latest immediate goal. Five chest to bar, dead hang, pull ups.

Where am I starting at?

The beginning.

yes I can do some decent pull ups. But I’m not interested in reinforcing a bad habit. I’m going all the way back to Australian pull ups and Lat pull downs. Performing both strictly and with the bar fully to the chest. I’ll continue doing daily T and Y raises on the suspension trainer, as I can get a great deal of scapular retraction going with those exercise. I’m also going to push with progressive weight on batwings.

All this in the name of that little squeeze at the end of the pull up.

So six days of the week I’ll be hitting Aussie pull ups, Y and T raises. With ever weight workout I’ll add Lat Pull downs (3 x 5) and Batwings (3 x 10). Every Monday I’ll attempt Chest to bar Pull ups and post my progress here along with any information on attempts at the other four immediate goals.

So the goals (and current records) are:

135 Standing military press (115 x 2)

200 front squat (155 x 2)

200 power clean (155 x 1)

405 deadlift (375 x 1)

Five chest to bar pull ups (none I’d call good)


This better get me laid.


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