Feet, knees and necks…

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Posts

Taking stock of the creakier bits of my body…

My foot is awesome. It seems the culprit was likely compression on the side of my foot. I have serious duck feet, very wide at the toes, very narrow at the heel and almost completely flat. Several of my pairs of shoes, Those bastard nikes I went sprinting in, my cleats, and my current pair of work boots had simply become too narrow and the pressure was killing my foot.

As several other people have commented, transitioning to barefoot training has changed the shape of my foot. As you strengthen any body part the muscles, tendons and ligaments increase in size. This has made previously comfortable shoes intolerable as my feet have grown a little. I’ll be going back to running barefoot, picking up sprints and mostly doing it in my fives. I’m not sure if I’ll try the track flats again or not, as they are really narrow, but I’d like to try something similar eventually.

I’ll also be buying shoes in wide widths or another half size larger.

My left knee had been giving me trouble since the games. A sustained assault on my quads with a foam roller has all but fixed this issue. IT Band rolling worked miracles for a co-worker too. If you have pain just under the knee cap, give this a try before you go to the doctor. There’s a good chance you’ll save yourself weeks of worthlessness in knee braces.

My neck and upper back continue to be lousy. Chest to bar pull ups still elude me, and I’ve strained my neck quite well again. Top that off I’m still getting that pinch in my left shoulder while shrugging fairly low weights. I’ve been doing several posture exercises in an attempt to correct my forward head posture and I ordered one of those neck developer harnesses that lets you sling weights off your head for some real fun. Rolling the area with a nice hard Lacrosse ball seems to be a big help.

I’m putting in six weeks with this and doing daily work on traps and lats with my suspension trainer. If I don’t see an improvement after that, I’m heading to the doctor.

At least my foot feels good.


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