Forward head posture…I has it.

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Posts

Wasting my youth slouching in a chair has caught up with me again. My foot has shored up nicely, now it’s on to the next big deal.

I’ve had a number of “Trap strains” that have been revealed to be neck problems due to FHP. I’ve even begun to have occasional problems with TMJ which can be attributed to poor cervical posture.

Just like any posture problem, FHP can wreak havoc in the body, often in unexpected ways. My main symptoms are pain in the back of the shoulder, in between the shoulder blades and the spine. It’s revealed to be a neck problem when I try to get out of bed, it hurts like hell when my head comes off the pillow.

I’ve started doing chin retractions, raised my computer monitor and I’m going to get out of my computer chair more often until I can get one that supports better posture. I may even sit on one of those exercise balls at the computer. Sacrificing some dignity in the name of Shrugging and Deadlifting pain free.

I’m going to try one of those neck developers for shits and giggles too.

Here’s some resource material:

Forward head posture

Five quick and easy corrections

Chin retractions and computer posture


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