Posted: November 30, 2010 in Posts

Tried something new at work today.

Start with two 90 pound farmer’s walk implements and two people. Flip a coin. The loser of the toss starts walking with the farmers bars. The winner (in a loose sense of the word) sprints to the opposite end of the course.

When they arrive at the far end, we go about 60 yards, they switch. The sprinter walks and the walker sprints back to the original start.

This goes on until someone quits.

It’s a great way to push further on farmers walks because not only do you not want to quit first, but you partner pushes you to keep the rest times short. It’s also a way to start hating that smug bastard who used to be your friend until he start walking to damn fast when it was your turn to sprint.

We call it Buddyfucker.

Good times.


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