Five things that common sense will tell you about health, fitness and fat loss…

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Posts

#1: If most of the activities your training is designed to help involve standing, walking and running, why would you train while sitting?

There’s a bench or a machine for every possible human movement at most big box gyms. Stay off them. You don’t train for running a marathon by doing those absurd bicycle movements they teach grandma’s in aerobics class. Your weight training should reflect that same principle. Get off your ass and train on your feet. Squat, deadlift, clean, press, snatch…most of your program should consists of exercises performed while standing.

#2: If it was easy, everyone would be performing at a professional level.

If you could you could reach your potential without intense effort, there would be nothing standing between the couch potato down the block and a world record. If he could do it with just fifteen minutes of easy training a day then why wouldn’t he?  If your training program is easy, get a new program.

#2a: If fat loss was easy, there would be no fat people.

If 15 minutes a day or a fad diet really could make you look like an Ambercrombie and Fitch model (am I showing my age?) there would be no fat guys. See number two for why this makes sense. Getting lean, especially single digit bodyfat numbers takes months to years of restrictive dieting. Again, if you could go from 50 pounds overweight to “lean and sexy” with a few weeks of grapefruit for lunch, there would be no fat people.

#2b: If exercise were all you needed to lose weight, there would be no fat people.

People struggle with their weight for years at a time, often doing crapy, low intensity, steady state cardio for the entire time. It takes both disciplined diet and progressive, intense training to shed fat and keep it off. If it were as easy as walking around the mall at lunch, everyone would do it.

#3: Isolation work only has two purposes, rehab and bodybuilding.

Name a sport that relies solely on your ability to perform a bicep curl. If you smugly answered arm wrestling go slap yourself, we’ll wait. Unless you’re looking for beach muscle or rehabbing an injured wing,  isolation movements have little use beyond helping strengthen some part of a compound movement or other weak area. There’s no sport that uses isolated movements as a cornerstone of its play. Isolated movements shouldn’t be the cornerstone of your program either.

#4: If it’s effective, MANY people at high levels are doing it.

You may hear about how this guy or that guy does a strange new exercise that gives him an edge, before you start incorporating it into your training find out what else he does. Chances are you’ll see a program built around many proven exercises that every other athlete in the sport uses or a principle that’s been well tested. Why? Because it works. If it works, most anyone who’s competitive or successful will be doing it.

#5: Staying fit means never stopping.

Take a month off and live off cheeseburgers and see what happens. You know what will happen. Why would you believe that a miracle diet will keep you thin after you go back to your old habits? Why would you believe a miracle workout will keep you strong after you’ve quit doing it? You need something planned that you can sustain, long term, to maintain what you’ve earned.

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