Posted: November 13, 2010 in Posts

Plenty of new stuff around the house today. Most of it has been built or scrounged to help set up some strongman training days for friends at work. I also made a new set of farmers walk bars because I’m donating my old buckets and some tire sleds to the equipment pool at work.

I had a rough cut red oak 6×6 in the garage that was once destined to become a practice caber. It turned out that length was more of a challenge than weight so it never made it to the rounding off the corners phase. I cut some three foot sections of it, drilled holes and added 1 inch pipe to hold the weights and handles. Unloaded weight is about 42 pounds each.

Yes, that’s camo duct tape. The 6×6 was rough cut from a local sawmill. Getting a splinter in your leg with 90 pounds in each hand would really suck. Duct tape was easier than sanding and the kids picked out camo. They might get painted at a later date, but for now I’m liking the natural look. One was about a pound lighter than the other, so I wrapped the chain around the handle to compensate.

I built two new tire sleds. I found a matched pair of low profile runflats with a thin side wall. I put in a few eyebolts and screwed some medium density fiberboard to the top with drywall screws. I call them Basic Tire Sleds. They’re built for sandbag loading so a simple bungie cord keeps everything in place.

The BTS from CLAF strength systems

The BTS along side it's predecessor.

The thinner sidewall from the low profile runflats makes them a little easier to drag but without the greater adjust-ability of plate loading it may be needed. Going from 50 or 60 pounds to 100 or 120 will be quite a jump.

75 feet of fun.

Here’s a simple tire I made for pulling in hand over hand. This is a new exercise I’m really enjoying. Eventually the rope will get longer and it’ll probably get it’s own wooden top to load weight on. I’d like a thicker rope, but big manila rope is balls expensive.

Finally I found some truly huge tires at a heavy equipment repair place. These should be plenty heavy for a long time to come. The heaviest probably weighs 250 pounds.

Fun times ahead for my buds at work.


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