Two Hands, One Dumbell

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Posts

Here’s the quick summary, I’m freakin’ beat:

Three rounds of –

One hand bench x 10 each side

Split Squats x 8 each side

One hand press x 5 each side

One leg Stiff leg Deadlift x 10 each side

Lawnmower rows x 10 each side

Then two rounds of:

Goblet squats x 10

One hand press x 4

Throw in some resistance band work, focused on the back of the shoulder, and some Indian clubs and you’ve got a nasty tough workout.

It’s difficult to explain the sensation. Just suffice it to say that some of these will remain in my workouts for a long time by simple virtue of the large amount of anatomy that has to be active to maintain good form. From a fitness and health perspective, you can do sets of heavy (relative) compound movements with only thirty seconds of rest between sets. My heart rate dipped below 120 bpm.

Good stuff man.

The Bukket odyssey is almost over and yet we’ve had our most difficult workout yet.


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