Redneckin’ it with the Bukket…

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Posts

There are a number of less than politically correct terms for the fine art of improvisational engineering. Around my work, it’s rednecking. Before you start, I live in Oklahoma and I own a one eared dog, my redneck cred is pretty high. I can use the word self referentially.

I have nothing against the people who produce TRX. I’m sure they make an excellent product. But I don’t have $185 bucks to drop on one. So I made my own redneck version. %90 of the materials were sourced from a wal-mart in under 30 minutes. The rest I had laying in my garage. Total cost is under $50 and could be cheaper.

I started with a pair of of 10 foot, five hundred pound, ratchet straps. I picked a nice a pair from smart straps but you could use any one inch strap.

Highly intelegent.

The smart straps have two advantages. One, they’re easy to loosen. Two, they have a loop sewn into them about 12 inches from the end of the strap. Which makes the handle a snap.


If you bought straps without this, you could just tie a simple loop in the same location.

I cut the standard black hooks off the straps and replaced them with snap links like you see above, to make sure nothing slips while I’m using it. This is also necessary to get the handles onto the straps. The handles are made from PVC covered in cut up, neoprene can koozys. Three koozys cover the ratchets of the straps and the end of the doorway anchor to keep then from marking up the hotel’s door.

The doorway anchor is made from a Soft Tie, also found at wal-mart.

Similar to this.

I wrapped the tie around a piece of 3/4  inch pipe and taped it down with some gorilla tape.

High dollar duct tape, what legends are made of.

I packed additional soft ties, carabeners, snap links and even the rope off of The Bukket to makes sure I have plenty of ways to anchor it.

Total supplies bought: Two straps, five snap links, two soft ties and four can koozys. Toss in the tape and the pipe and it’ll run you $30 to $50 depending on fanciness of materials.

How’s it work?

Nothing creaked, gave or slipped through a half hour of hard use. Everything is rated to hold at least 500 pounds. Nothing frayed or tore. It’s a little clumsy to adjust, but nothing I can’t deal with. I’m calling this one a hell of a design.

Also, everything, including the koozys, is the same shade of green. It’s very Zen.

I can honestly say, suspension training does things to my shoulders I have never experienced…

Good times on the road.


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