As promised…The Bukket!

Posted: October 31, 2010 in Posts

I had planned a five minute video post, filmed in my hotel room, for each night of this trip. However, truth be told, I come through better in text.

I volunteered to drive cross country for work. The big hoist system we use is perfectly capable of lifting it’s rated load. The roof beams it’s suspended from however, are not. So our hoist has been condemned and someone must go retrieve a portable hoist for us to use until a new one can be installed.

After assuaging my concerns about family and friends, my next worry was how to continue my training on the road. I’ve just finished my third week of a six week program. The rack position has finally clicked for me. Overhead squats are…well, they are still there, but my rack position is awesomely strong now. This is absolutely the wrong time to spend a week sitting in a truck and eating lousy food.

Thus, from my need The Bukket was born.

As a chronic over packer, I limited myself to only what I could fit in a five gallon bucket. Five gallon buckets are a small enough volume to fit easily in a trunk or footwell in a car. They’re strong enough to carry quite a bit of weight, my farmer’s walk buckets have repeatedly held 95 pounds. And they can support a person.

But what goes into the bucket to make it, The Bukket.

Only this:

"Only" this....

The total inventory is:

My small Indian clubs

Two spinlock dumbbell handles

Four ten pound standard weights

One cheap resistance band set

A homemade T- handle for swings

And my newly crafted homemade suspension trainer (I’ll do a full post about this later)

Now, beyond the obvious what can you do with all of this?

Regard the bucket:


Beyond being empty and already in my garage, it has the advantage of having a flat lid and not being BRIGHT FUCKING ORANGE. (I’ll get back to that flat lid in just a bit). Now the first thing you can do is just carry the thing, fully loaded, up and down the hall for a suitcase walk. It’s a sixty pound, one handed farmer’s walk that only makes you look a little retarded.

You can jump up and down on The Bukket while it’s loaded, like you would a plyometric box. You can prop a leg up on and do Bulgarian Split Squats or any other one legged lift. You can prop your feet on it and do dips with the suspension trainer.You can lay a pillow across the nice flat lid, bridge your hips and do a Dumbbell Bench Press. You can lay face down on it and do Batwings. Prop yourself up with it for Lawnmower Rows.

You can load all the plates on one dumbbell and do any of these movements unilaterally for added difficulty.

The variations are endless.

In a rather small volume you’ve got any dumbbell movement you can imagine, all the variety of the suspension trainer and resistance bands and even a full body explosive movement:


I made this, along with the suspension trainer, just before I left. It looks terribly unsafe, but I’ve been loading plates on to 3/4 inch steel pipe and throwing or swinging it for a long time. The pipe can handle a tremendous amount of tension and compression forces on the threads. However, it’s fairly weak when it comes to shearing loads at the threads. Meaning you can swing the hell out of this thing and the threads will never pull out of the couplers and send your weight careening into the hotels flat screen. But if you slam the plates against the floor enough, you’ll break it.

It should be good for a few hundred thousand swings.

So on this trip, there are no excuses for me. I’ll be blogging nightly about how this goes, including a detailed account of the construction of the suspension trainer (for $40 and a thirty minute jaunt to wal-mart, you could have your own). I plan to play around with one item or exercise type a night, suspension work Monday, all unilateral Tuesday, etc. etc. One night will be solely devoted to Swings, Turkish Get Ups and Windmills, three things I’ve never done before.

Should be fun.

On the road, still crazy and still training,



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