The Kegerator!

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Posts

I love sprinting. I’m even okay with running in the lower middle distance, 1.5 to 2 miles. But I’m always on the lookout for something new to do for “power cardio” or GPP. One, you never know what’s going to become your new favorite exercise, given the choice I’d take sled dragging over running, even sprinting, any day. Two, it never hurts to break up the monotony. And three, Strong man type workouts are just bad ass.

I made myself a strongman keg today. I had an old keg lying out in the backyard. I’m not sure where I managed to get it from. I think I stole it at a party and wound up paying the host’s rental deposit. For a long time it had a stop sign bolted to the top of it and served as patio furniture. It was incorporated into some of my early GPP workouts as a thrown object but never with much success or effectiveness. I decided to plug the hole I made in it and fill it with sand. I’ll carry it, bear hug style, for time and distance. The process was pretty simple, but I’m posting pics anyway.

It's old, it's dirty, something with questionable hygene practices was probably living inside of it for a while. Exactly the sort of thing you want to hug to your chest.

Long ago I drilled a hole in the bottom and cut the valve out of it to let the last dregs of beer out of it. Home Depot carried expandable plugs big enough to fill the hole in the bottom, but not the top. The biggest rubber plug they had wasn’t quite big enough to plug the valve hole securely, so I had to make an expandable plug out of the biggest one they had. I was planning on putting an eye bolt through it anyway, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch to add a few washers and extra nuts.

The top. Removing the valve required removing a nasty tough snap ring.

I drilled this hole to relieve any residual pressure on the valve. It may not have been neccsary.

Plugging the bottom hole was easy with a ready made expandable plug.

Two nuts, a lock washer and a fender washer on each side. The tricky part was drilling through the plug without the rubber grabbing the drill bit.

Another view.

After getting everything prepped I filled the keg, which weighs 30 pounds on it own, with 35 pounds of sand, I’ll increase the weight by ten pounds every two weeks until it’s full. I tied the plug onto the rim of the keg with yellow para-cord just in case it fell through the valve hole. I tightened the nuts to squash the plug and expand it and tapped it into the hole with a hammer and punch and tightened it up some more. Then I ran a bead of caulking around the plug to make extra sure it would hold if the keg was up ended.

Held in place well, but still removable in under five minutes.

After that it was time to improve the grip.

Grip in a can.

I masked off  the ends of the keg, but you could just paint the whole thing.

Ready for paint.

The Kegerator. 65 pounds of fun!

It’ll get put to use in a new Tuesday and Thursday routine, the strongman circuit. A sled drag, followed by a keg carry, followed by tractor tire flipping, wound up with a slosh tube carry, all 40 to 60 yards, for time. If I can borrow a video camera I’ll post a video of the Kegerator in action.

I thought I’d throw up a couple pics of my split squat / plyo push up boxes. I’m not going to detail their construction because, come on, they’re boxes.


Yes, Boxes.

The large box is eight inches tall, the two smaller boxes are four inches. All three are rock solid, but they’ll need some sort of non skid foot on the corners before I go heavy with them.


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