Week two in review!

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Posts

I think this Friday was my first bad workout of the program. For whatever reason I was just gassed for the whole warm up. I worked a few changes in the warm up, subbing in Compound Rows* for Batwings and more Indian Clubs for DB Shoulder Press. Seemed to go alright. I was able to push hard on the Split Squats with my new homemade squat boxes. My right leg really does seem weaker but it could just be the still nagging foot pain. Sometimes you just have to ease off a bit.

*Same as a Bent Over Row except you pull the bar to your belly button first,  then to your nipples. This counts as one rep.**

**Why asterisks? Why not asterisks?

Speaking of that foot pain, I broke down and bought some over the counter orthotic inserts for my shoes. After today’s mile with the 50 pound pack it feels…different. I’m not sure if it’s an improvement or not, but I suspect that the inserts will help. This pains me because I’d rather not be saddled with artificial supports for the rest of my life. But getting rid of the pain is obviously more important. My new mantra is shod all winter, barefoot all summer. Whatever it takes to get my foot healthy until the summer, then easing back into barefoot training again.

Since I’m not running I’ve been forced to find alternatives for cardio. Sled drags have replaced 200 meter sprints and ruck marches have replaced the 400 meter sprints / distance runs. I’m not sure humping a 50 pound pack for a mile plus is a great idea for my foot but it’s better than running at this point and I’m not going insane with inactivity. I’ve found that alternating a heavy sled drag with walking with a slosh tube in the rack position is a pretty good way to spend 30 minutes as far as cardio and endurance are concerned.

Still working on my form on Overhead Squats. These are tricky bastards.

Tonight I’m trying my hand at making sausage. I’m working on adapting a recipe for large batches of sausage into a low sodium, low fat breakfast sausage.

That’s right. Sausage fest at my house.

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