The cost of eating healthy.

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Eats!, Quick Links

I went to the store this evening to buy stuff for salad. I make a large salad every few days to a week. I bought everything for a salad except carrots and bell peppers (we had those already) and four packages of Crystal Light. The Crystal Light was on sale. Guess which cost more.

Go ahead. Guess.

Damn near everyone will eat a salad. People who routinely turn up their noses at vegetables will eat at least part of the salad that comes with their steak at a nice restaurant.

If you drink 13 diet sodas a day or believe that drinking a V-8 counts as a serving of vegetables, don’t you ever tell me it’s too expensive to eat healthy.

(Crystal Light was on sale for $2 a box. Salad fixin’s ran $7.50 minus the bell pepper and carrots. This will last me a whole week.)

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