Week in Review

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Posts

I finished off the last weight workout of my first week of renewed training with my Dan John inspired program yesterday.  I’ve made one major tweak already and I’m sure there are others waiting in the wings but so far I think I’ve got a winner.

First up, the long warm up. I like this strategy. I get a lot of movement in, and a nice full body “glow” and I’ve still got enough energy to push hard on the actual workout. I like finishing with a big push rather than starting heavy and tapering off. It seems to boost my energy level post workout.

Goblet squats have really helped my awareness of what’s going on with my lower body during the other squatting movements enough that I’ve picked up on a major hitch in my form that I can fix now before it causes problems when I go heavy again. Bootstrapper squats are…evil, I’m not sure if I’m doing these right but they make me want to pass out. They seem to open my hips and hamstrings to a ridiculous degree, my range of motion on Bootstrappers makes me feel like an old man, and I only use 25 pounds. Batwings make my shoulders feel pretty good.

For the actual workout portion of the program, I like that the intensity peaks mid week with Overhead Squats, Bench Press and Deadlift. Friday’s workout, which has only one lower body lift, sets me up for a good run on Saturday but the pull ups are strenuous enough to still make it feel like a workout. I’ve changed from two days of front squats, M0nday and Friday, to day of Bulgarian split squats on Friday. I’ve also changed from a two mile run to a day of 400 meter sprints. However, I’m holding off on running for another two or three weeks due to the foot, so I’ll probably sub in more sled work or a one mile hike with a pack.

When I squat deep, like ass to heels deep, I tend to twist to one side and drop my right knee. This could potentially be very bad for my back and hips. I’m hoping that the unilateral movement and focusing on strict form will help correct this. It should be noted that I twist when I do Goblet or potato sack squats. If this doesn’t help my twist, I’ll spend a long time with goblet squats as my primary squatting movement.

Overall, this is a great program for strengthening my weak spots in preparation for O lifting. Both Front squats and Overhead squats work fun new areas of my shoulder girdle. The combo of Overhead Squats, Bench Press and Deadlifts seems particularly adept at making me wish I could spend Thursdays in bed. I’ve never been that sore or that stiff that high up my back before. Sets of eight seem like they’ll help pull my crappy rack position up to speed. The most I’ve ever pushed in a front squat before were sets of five.

The only dull spot seems to be that my foot is still not healthy enough for sprinting. I set it off on another round of inflammation with just a few 200 meter sprints in my new track and field style racing flats (I’ll be posting a review of those once I can actually run pain free in them, my first impression is that they are a great compromise between traditional running shoes and barefoot). I’ll be walking in a pair of fairly supportive boots, probably with a heavy pack, today instead of my programmed 400 meter sprints. What puzzles me is that my foot feels better after a weight workout, and felt great after the drag and carry but running sets it back on fire.

To sum it up. Sans sprints, great program. Give me a few more weeks and we’ll add the sprints back in and see what happens.


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