Posted: October 9, 2010 in Eats!

A lot of younger guys, I know this from experience, have no idea how to feed themselves. Frankly some adults don’t either. There are more than a few people who only cook on special occasions. Their day to day table looks like the dinner scene from Ricky Bobby.

Body composition, your percentage of body fat, is more directly tied to diet and sleep than how you workout. You can strong, fast, and fairly fit even if you carry a significant spare tire. Think of offensive linemen in football. Those guys are huge, many of them carry quite a bit of extra fat around, and yet they workout harder and preform better than many people could ever hope to. There’s some evidence that a person with the right genetic makeup can be healthy (health in terms of lacking in disease and disability) even if very overweight. However, loosing extra fat is such a common goal it’s impossible to not take it into consideration. Also there are plenty of health benefits associated with fat loss. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the top  reasons why people begin a workout regimen.


Levi Brown's (#75) abs won't be featured on a swimsuit calender anytime soon, but he can chase down your personal trainer and then eat him.


They should be thinking diet first. You simply cannot out-work a bad diet.

I’m currently working my way down from a post bulking 207 with around %30 body fat to a leaner 190. I’m doing it on the cheap, because I’m cheap. But also because I hate the old excuse of it being to expensive to eat well. Eggs are ridiculously cheap. Whole chickens are $.98 a pound. The ingredients for a pretty spiffy garden salad are cheap. Frozen vegetables and steel cut oats are in the pennies a serving category too. I’ll be trying a few new things, so I’m posting about those as I go. But for the inaugural Eats post, I’m listing a few things you need to make this a success.

A place to cook is obviously first. You don’t need a Food Channel-esque temple to the culinary arts. You just need a place that’s clean enough to not kill you when you eat food cooked in it.You need an oven, a freezer (a deep freeze is also nice, but more of a money saving tool) and a microwave. The microwave might be the biggest fat loss appliance in you have in your kitchen. If you’ve got food prepared ahead of time, you can nuke it when a craving strikes and eat healthy food instead of junk. It takes 30 minutes to cook steel cut oats. What are you more likely to do on a busy morning, boil up some oats or make a pop tart? Cook them the night before and you can microwave them in the morning.

Pots and pans. A good cast iron skillet is immensely useful. You can fry in it, bake things in it in the oven and a well seasoned cast iron pan actually improves the flavor of food. Not only do I fry eggs in mine but I bake all my whole chickens and leg quarters in it as well. A couple of sauce pans for making oats and eggs. A stock pot is a nice option, you can make your own chicken stock from the whole chicken carcasses, but not really needed.

If you’re going to get the most from a whole chicken you need a few knives. You can get a decent collection of knives at wal-mart. I prefer the smaller “utility” blades for most of my chicken slicing. I have a larger carving knife for bigger jobs too. A Japanese style chef knife is great for vegetables. You’ll need some Tupperware to store everything in also.

If you’re one of those people who has nothing but a few plastic bowls and spoons in kitchen, gear up. The list of things you need is small. The benefits could be amazing.


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