Posted: October 8, 2010 in Rants

Less is More.

But sometimes more is more.

Or the version some lifters will be familiar with, sometimes you gotta go light to go heavy.

Someone gave my blog a good hard look today. I caught someone’s attention long enough for them to click all the stuff at the top of the site. Truth is, I’m unhappy some of it is there. Here I’ve got a number of posts in which I’m whining about my right foot hurting and up in the right hand corner of the site I’ve got that bet out there for the whole world to see. I’ve bought a new pair of shoes because I can’t run barefoot right now and I’m still claiming I’m next to invincible simply because I got kicked out of a Planet Fitness for giving the sales lady the finger.*

Here’s another one for you: Taking a step back.

That’s exactly what I’m doing. Both in my training and here. I’m running shod again, and from the feel of things, will be for quite a while. I’m also taking down my $100 bet against my needing major joint surgery before someone who follows mainstream fitness programs.

Truth is, The Bet was always ill conceived. The whole point of this blog, besides keeping my fidgety brain amused during rest periods, is to try and convince people that there’s at least one better path to health, fitness and well being than you’ll find in the mainstream fitness industry. I’ve experienced one such path. If we get back to workouts that are worthy of the name, back to preparing our own food (or at least not eating processed crap), if we understand that stronger is generally fitter then we can solve a lot of what is making people ill and injured in this country. There is so much crap out there it’s impossible to disprove it all. It’s all slickly packaged and easily digestible mush, like workout junk food.Compounding the fight against crap like is the fact that you don’t sway the hearts and minds of people by openly challenging them like that. The Bet was only going to work against me. Nothing turns people off more than a know it all novice.

The Bet is off the table.

If I am to accomplish my goal, of communicating my ideas effectively then I must change my approach.

I believe you can make a tremendous positive impact on your life with five basic things. One, prepare most of your own food from real ingredients. Two, weigh yourself daily, track trends and adjust what you eat accordingly. Three, learn to run and sprint on the balls of your feet. Four, make yourself stronger with basic compound based workouts. Five, do the first four consistently for the rest of your life.

Considering how easy it is to sell people on six weeks to sexy, it is likely that my voice is far too small. I don’t plan to advertise my blog beyond posting in in forum signatures. I don’t ever plan to try to make a living by blogging or attempt sway the opinions of large groups of people. I just want to share some advice and a few stories.

*I didn’t give her the finger, I did make heavy use of the word bullshit but in a neutral tone of voice. I used it enough that she quickly abandoned the primary task of her job, selling me on a membership and took up a secondary duty, steering me towards the door in a polite but firm manner.


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