A Brand New Plan.

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Posts

Well, no highland games going on in my area until at least January. It’s time to train.

As I said in a previous post no matter the result of my first highland games I’m proud of the fact that I set a goal and achieved it. I was able to compete, if at a very low level, in every event. The official scores have been posted if you’d like to compare them with what I predicted. As I said, many of my training methods were unsound. My primary mistake was not including explosive movements like the Olympic lifts. It’s time to remedy that. I also said I needed more specific goals. It’s time to remedy that as well.

As far as specific goals go, over the next eight weeks my primary goals are; One, to fix my poor squat form. Two, to perfect my rack position. And three, to become proficient in the overhead and front squat. Secondary goals include, increasing overall mobility of the hips and shoulders, strengthening my biceps and traps and getting rid of 4 inches of belly fat.

The plan for this takes several cues from Dan John. First off I’m programming a long warm up followed by a brief, intense workout. The warm up will include all of DJ’s seven essential movements. This is light, light weight stuff done for mobility and injury prevention. In many cases I’ll be starting with just body weight. Likely the heaviest exercise, in terms of difficulty, will be the curls. To keep things from getting stale and my risk of  repetitive use injury low it’ll have a number of options for a variations on a given movement.

The warm up is as follows:

Indian Clubs/ LYTPs – five min

Goblet / sack squats

Farmer’s walk / waiter walk / suitcase walk

Push ups / wide / diamond – three sets,  10 each, no rest

Bat wings/ compound rows

Pull ups

DB shoulder press/DB snatches/Thruster

Good Mornings

Bootstapper squats

Planks – three to failure

Deadbugs / Res deadbugs/weighted crunch

Reverse Curl/Strict Curl/DB Curl

Bicep ISOs.

Light stretching – five min

Set and rep scheme is simple; what ever feels good. Just as long as I get loose and can push hard through the workout. The workouts and conditioning work looks like this:

Monday: Warm Up, Front squats 3 x 8, Mil press 3 x 8, Romanian Deadlift 3 x 8

Tuesday:  Drag and carry

Wednesday: Warm Up, Overhead squats 3 x 8, Bench press 3 x 8, Deadlift 3 x 5

Thursday: 6 200 meter sprints

Friday: Warm Up, Front Squat 3 x 8, Mil Press 3 x 8, Pull ups 3 x 8

Saturday: 2 Mile run

Now Coach Dan is often fond of saying that you shouldn’t include things in your training program that don’t pertain to your sport. There’s no reason for a thrower to be able to jog. However, I need to eat and the people who sign my checks don’t like it if you can’t run. So some kind of middle distance running needs to be included. That’s one of the primary reasons to get rid of the belly fat as well. It doesn’t affect my performance much, but the thinner I am, the more my employer likes it. Also there are a number of health problems associated with carrying it. With the right diet it should be gone by the end of January.

I’m taking this week off to deload. After that I’ll start small by doing just the warm up and conditioning work. Once my weights are dialed in on the warm up, I’ll start lifting and progressing again. Once Christmas rolls around, it’ll be time to start working on those O lifts and hitting a once a week throwing practice.

Of course, by then It’ll be time to make another one of these posts.

Also, this is awesome, that’s the only reason it’s here:

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