Home Depot giftcards needed.

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Quick Links

Well crap.

This goes back to that whole standing on the shoulders of greatness thing. I have said often to friends, there are few mysteries in the age of Google. If you search long enough, you’ll find what you are looking for. If I had started my training by searching for Highland Games Coach, I’d have found Dan John on page one.

So I had been talking about making a cheap suspension trainer. Well, someone had to have beaten me to it. After reading a few one-offs here and there I found these guys. Grunt and Shen are unequivocally the kings of homemade equipment. What’s more, they even posts photos of dozens of little known resistance band, isometric and suspension exercises on their forums.

I have to add a note of caution. There are so many great ideas here that you may be tempted to try and throw too much of it together at one time. Don’t skip basics for gadgets.

Beyond that, check Grunt and Shen out. You may just find that missing thing from your workout.


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