An Expieriment in frugality.

Posted: September 26, 2010 in Rants

I used to work for a guy who was disgusted by chicken on the bone. He wasn’t a vegetarian, but for some reason a drumstick was just a bit too much of a reminder that what he was eating used to be an animal. Or maybe it was just something about the texture or the appearance.  He turned his nose up at a suckling pig at a luau that I thought was wonderful. I grew up fishing with my Dad, who often cleaned cooked and fed us our catch while we watched. I’ve never hunted but I’ve helped clean and eat game hunter by friends before.

I’ve never been bothered by the fact that I eat dead animals. And I eat a lot of them. I’m not going to discuss morality here, mostly because I’m on the top of the food chain and I kinda like it there. Chickens, in particular, die in the hundreds to keep me fed. Why? Because I’m cheap, and so is chicken.

I’m trying to take this a step further. Whole chickens cost about half per pound as the frozen boneless skinless chicken breast I typically buy does. So this week, along with 30 eggs, Wife bought me a whole chicken. I roasted that sucker in the oven and I’ll take the meat to work instead of my usual chicken breast. If it lasts me all week (four days, I work 10 hour shifts), then I’ve saved four bucks.

First off I’m not a Master Chef. Ten years of carving the Thanksgiving turkey has not prepared me for deboning a white hot chicken, slippery with it’s own juices, fresh from the oven. So after it sat for a while, I wound up tearing it apart caveman style and tossing it in the tupperware. It seemed to fill the container to almost the same amount that a bag of chicken breast would. I’ll keep you posted on how well it works.

What pisses me off about this is that while chicken and eggs may not be the most exciting diet, it’s certainly a cheap way to pack in a lot of protein and good fatty acids. You often hear people complain about how much it costs to “eat healthy”. Typically these are guys who are shelling out six to ten dollars at a taco joint for lunch every day. My apple, chicken, almonds, carrots and oats or brown rice cost pennies each. Eggs, 30 eggs cost Wife a whopping $2.36. That’s the lion’s share of breakfast and snacks for the week.

If you’re going to make an excuse to not eat well, at least make it something creative like my old boss.


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