An investment.

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Quick Links

Want to feel better, get healthier, save money, save the planet and not look like a douchebag?

Buy a cheap plastic water bottle like these:


not quite as fancy.

I bought a 32 ounce capacity bottle for less than two bucks at a grocery store. I’ve had it for six months. I drink more water and less diet soda / diet energy drinks when I have it around. That makes me feel good (I love caffeine like life it’s self, but more than a few drinks a day and I start to feel strung out). Bottled water costs about $2.15 for a liter around here. I used to drink three or four a day. You do the math. I haven’t put a plastic water bottle in my trash at home in six months. Thank me when the planet doesn’t self destruct.

You can even spend more and get a bottle that doesn’t contain what ever possibly slightly health endangering chemical you’re afraid of this month.

The Douchebag part? Don’t pay $15 for a plastic bottle. Don’t smugly mention your carbon footprint while drinking from it. It’s pretty simple too.

Get a bottle, fill it with water, drink the water. This is an easy investment that returns a million times it’s value. It may be the best advice I ever give.


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