Indian Clubs, take two.

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Posts

While I’m deliriously happy with my first set of Indian Clubs, I noticed they were just too long for a few moves. (You should also note I lowered the weight to about 2 and 1/2 pounds)

Specifically, some of the moves that Pat Miletich doing in this video:

Speaking of celebrity endorsements, Miletich is one of the most renown fighters in mixed martial arts. Say what you will about a guy who takes as many blows to the head as these guys do, you can’t compete at a high level and not know your stuff. Or at the least, have people working for you who do. So there’s another endorsement for you, the guy was able to keep fighting and training fighters after rehabbing with these things. There’s something to it. No matter how goofy it seems.

More to the point, Juan Anta’s exercises are great for someone who’s been training for a while and/or has healthy shoulders. But what about someone who’s just getting started or recovering from a shoulder injury?

I created a smaller set of “rehab clubs” today. They have the added benefit of running under $15 for the pair and not requiring any special glue or priming. I spend $10 and had some stuff on hand.

I purchased:

Two 1 1/2 inch couplers

Four 1 1/2 inch to 1/2 inch threaded bushings.

Two, one foot,  1/2 inch PCV threaded nipples (in the sprinkler section)

Two 1/2 inch caps and two 1/2 inch plugs.

I had some duct tape and shoe goop laying around.

More booty

I glued a strip of duct tape to the inside of one of the bushings. With something less runny than shoe goop, like silicone caulk, you might be able to skip the tape. However, since I’m just pouring a little sand in the top of these with no ziplock baggy, I wanted to make sure the tape stayed put.

Shoe goop, it does stuff that make McGyver look twice.

After that it’s just a matter of waiting for the glue to dry and fitting the bushings into the couplers. The weight is so light and the fit is tight enough that just a couple of strips of athletic tape are all that’s needed to keep it together. Fill them with sand, screw the plugs in and then screw the pipes and caps on the other side. Tape as desired.


A little detail to show depth of fit.

Now, these weight about 12 ounces. Plenty enough for someone recovering from a shoulder injury or starting out after years on the couch. Eventually you could unscrew the plug and add heavier things, like lead free fishing weights or BB’s. Or poke a hole in the tape and fill the handle with sand, etc. for added weight. Since we didn’t glue anything you could eventually pry them apart and insert a piece of 1 and 1/2 inch PVC pipe and another coupler for more weight.

This first $10 investment will last you a good long while. I repeat this a lot, but considering how many times I tell people about something like this and it falls on deaf ears, I’ll say it again. What do you have to loose? $10?


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