Goals in Perspective.

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Posts

I am a week away from that big moment. The always-said-I-was-going-to-do-it-and-now-I’m-going -to-do-it Highland Games.

I’m tired. I’ve been training hard and in many cases in the wrong manner. I used the wrong exercises. I waited too long to start practicing the throws on the theory that the stronger I was, the easier it would be. Compared to where I was starting this, my overall physical condition has dropped. My right arm has more KT tape showing than skin (there might be something to this KT Tape stuff, my arm should be sore from practice today, but it’s not).

I give two shits, I’m proud of myself. I started a program and I stuck with it. I developed a plan, and followed it through.

Here’s the honest to god breakdown of how I think I’ll do. It’s posted here, because I’m going to try like hell to beat it.

Light weight for distance: 28 feet

Heavy weight for distance: 10 feet

Weight over the bar: 7 feet (the height of my right arm at full extension)

Open stone: 25 feet

Breamar stone: 20 feet

Sheaf toss: no idea.

Heavy hammer: 30 feet

Light hammer: 35 feet

Caber toss: I’m turning that fucker over

I’m not scared of the caber. There’s a trick to it, and once you figure that trick out the technique really isn’t that hard. The heavy weight, I surprised I can even spin with it. Both hammers and stones I can work with. I lack the shoulders and the technique for heavy weight and weight over the bar. The strength isn’t there and what little technique I’ve honed can’t make up for it.

It may sound like defeat, but let’s re-examine my old goal from my last workout blog: “One year of training for health, heritage and to keep a promise I made to myself years ago.”

Not really specific is it? Even with the poetry boiled off of it, it’s still shockingly general, simply train to compete in a highland games.

And I believe that’s most of the problem. I don’t have a defined goal such as “master weight for distance technique with a 56 pound weight”. Or ” make a 35 foot throw with the light weight”. Or even “Power clean my body weight” which as a goal would be infinitely more useful for weight over the bar than simply training for one year.

Goals need to be specific. An unspecified goal is a wish.

I’m going to be a millionaire someday vs. First I’ll get my MBA.

I’m going to get ready for the highland games vs. Power clean my body weight.

McConaughey should die vs. Drive to Hollywood, buy a map to the starts homes, get a ski mask, file the serial number off the gun…

In one perspective I have completed my goal. In another, I need to set better goals.

Here are some better goals, in sequential order:

To enjoy my first Highland Games immensely.

To cultivate local contacts in the Highland Games community.

To return to the same physical condition I was in prior to beginning my training. (same body fat percentage around %15, get under an eight minute mile, get that feeling of being able to work all day back)

Gain a high level of competence in the following: the Rack position, the Front squat, the Overhead squat

To become competent in the following lifts: Snatch, Power Clean, Clean and Jerk

Start practicing for the games in April and increase the distance on all of my throws by at least 50%.

Hey Sam, if you read this, after I turn that caber I’m getting the tattoo.

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