Envy, confusion, grudging respect.

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Posts

I’ve heard of this guy Michael Todd before. One of the guys I work with competes at a high level as an arm wrestler as well. However When I first watched this video I had the following thoughts:

I want a pair of those pull up bars. Badly.

What the hell is he attempting to do with that second exercise?

And at the four minute mark: yeah, that’s pretty hardcore.

Don’t watch the whole thing. He does the same three exercises over and over. The noise from that odd bar he uses for the…what ever the hell that second lift would be called…is nails on a chalkboard horrible. However, this has some of the same DNA as Dan John’s workouts. Brief, intense and for the most part functional multi-joint movements. If you must focus on upper body you could do worse than this.

But if you videotape it, leave out the god awful color commentary.


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