It’s harder than it looks.

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Posts

I’ve been working on my heavy weight for distance.

I have two major problems with weight for distance. One, I tend to step rather than pivot through the first turn. Two, I have no snap or reverse in my release.

If I had it all to do over again, I would have learned the Power Clean on day one. Since I start using them as a primary lift in my training, they’ve done things to my shoulders and posterior chain that are at once both truly wonderful and absolutely horrible. Especially when combined with some of my other weakest exercises in a complex. A Complex is simply a series of exercises performed with the same weight without taking your hands off the bar. My current favorite looks like this.

Power Clean x 5

Military Press x 5

Front Squat x 5

Compound Rows x 5

Clean and Press x 5

Compound rows are a two part Bent Over Row, the first movement should touch your belly, the second should touch your chest around the nipple area. This is one rep. I use the Clean and Press over the better known Clean and Jerk because my Presses currently suck. I do one of these as a warm up, throw, then do another two as a workout.

Back to the big 56. After a weekend it’s still yanking me off balance in the final turn. Once my shoulder is nice and warmed up there’s no major strain there and my grip is solid, so I feel it’s mostly my sloppy footwork coming back to haunt me. I feel that I’d be both stronger, better able to pull my body back in line against the weight’s inertia, and have more of a snap in my throw had I started with O- lifting much earlier.

As it was I skipped the Power Clean chapter of Rippetoe’s book and substituted Bent Over Rows for the cheater program. Quite frankly, I wish I hadn’t been such a wuss about Cleans. I avoided them because it’s a rather intimidating lift as Rippetoe presents it. Dan John presents it as a series of easy to understand positions, making it fairly quick to pick up. I’m a long way from mastering the lift, but I’ve put another five feet on my throws with my 20 pound warm up weight in a very short amount of time with them.

Así es la vida, as my father would say.

On a brighter note. I took my tires and barbell to work today. I’m getting the feeling that I’ll be expected to show up with some new workout toy or another on a weekly basis from here on out. However, I was told I’m crazy at least a half dozen times and that was before I got them out of the truck.


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