More thoughts on the bet…

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Rants

First off, I’m serious.

Secondly, I don’t have that big of a chip on my shoulder.

I will honestly take that bet. $100 against my having a major knee injury, back problem, shoulder or hip surgery before someone who consistently trains with the “normal methods”.

I didn’t put it up there to inflate my ego. If no one takes me up on it, I’ll never stand out on the corner and crow about how bad ass I am or how every one knew I’d be okay and didn’t want to take the bet because of it.

It’s there because of conversations like this.

Week one –

Dude: I’d like to go run, but I’m getting shin splints.

Me: Try  a foam roller.

Week three –

Dude: I took a week off and I felt great, but now my shin splints are coming back.

Me: Have you considered using a foam roller?

Week five –

Dude: Blah blah blah, shin splints.

Me: Did you get that foam roller?

Week seven –

Dude: Waaaaaaahg! Shin Splints! Whaaaaag!

Me: Shut the hell up and get the dammed foam roller! That or push through the pain! Just try something other than starting and stopping every other week!

I don’t recommend things like foam rollers or compound lifting to friends to make myself feel good. I recommend them because they’ve worked for me. I wouldn’t hand you bull shit because I can’t tolerate it myself.

I’ll admit I’ve pestered people with unwarranted advice before (Dan at work). It’s something I try not to do. I’m horrible with names and faces and along with that I can never remember who I’ve told what to. I try not to repeat things and I try not to be pushy about giving advice. However, when someone constantly complains about shin splints, or having trouble losing weight or a million other things and then ignores advice, it irritates me.

The bet is up there to hopefully prove how serious I am about this being the best way to physical fitness. Okay, so most people aren’t training for the Highland games, it still applies. There’s nothing that says this stuff won’t work with lower weight, less intensity or less frequently.

I’ll close with:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
-Albert Einstein

Insanity: repeating the same mistakes others made before you and expecting life to not kick you in the ass.

-Andrew Robb


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