First post and inventory.

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Posts

The first post.

So many blogs start strong and fade out quick. I think it’s because the author gets a great idea and pours everything they’ve got into a few first posts. So I’m starting slow.

Here’s an inventory of what I’ll be using for the next year or so of work.

A power rack, useful for squats, bench press, pull ups and much more.

A flat/incline/decline bench.

One Olympic style barbell and around 500 pounds of weight.

Two “donut” type spare tires, modified to fit on the barbell.

A pair of five gallon buckets, modified with rope handles for farmer’s walks.

Various dumbbells, adjustable and hex.

One 20 lbs. iron ball for shot putting.

One adjustable weight for throwing.

One practice caber.

A Scottish hammer for throwing.

A tire sled for dragging with a harness and “Y” rope

Two home made medicine balls.

A set of resistance bands.

One home made dip station and wrist roller

A tractor tire for flipping and hitting with a sledge hammer.

The aforementioned sledge hammer.

A dip belt and weight lifting belt.



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